Loxon @ 11th financial technology summit

May 4, 2015

On 30th April Mr. Tamas Erni, the Managing Partner of Loxon hold a presentation on the 11th Financial Technology Summit & Meetings – Middle East. He talked about the changing shape of risk management in the World of Big Data.

The Financial Technology Summit & Meetings, now in it’s 11th edition, is dedicated to the CIOs & CxOs of the Banking & Financial sectors in Middle East. FT Summit brings the latest Business & ICT trends for an in-depth discussion and features the industry thought leaders from Academia, Banking ,Consulting & IT vendors.

The current global banking landscape and further changes and disruptions brought about by the digital development is transforming the banking business model. Innovation is the keyword to insure the success of the transformation into the right direction and to keep up with the ever changing customer needs and expectation. Customer behavior is changing, expectations are shifting. The digital revolution is accelerating this shift and reshaping the traditional business model from “Customer relationship” to “customer experience”. The digital era is opening new windows for banks to innovate and add new value to their customers and business model even beyond the basic internet & mobile banking. Through innovation & digital platforms banks can deepen their existing customer relationship, offer personalized services through analytics, geo-location based services and access new sources of revenue. New channel integration technologies can enabling a more seamless end-to-end experience for customers with their bank.

Loxon is also committed to innovation and its solutions support the latest trends in the financial sector.

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