Extending the presence of loxon on the jordanian risk management market

Apr 15, 2012

30th january 2012

Loxon is proud to announce that AJIB Bank in Jordan has signed an agreement with our Jordanian partner Pio-Tech to implement an integrated suite of risk management solutions from Loxon. The solution will enable the bank to automate the risk management processes according to Basel III requirements to cover Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and Liquidity Risk, including stress testing and ICAAP requirements according to the Central Bank of Jordan regulations for Basel II and Basel III (including the liquidity ratios LCR and NSFR) as well as the Rating/Scoring system providing Basel compliant risk rating model coverage.

The solution will enable the bank to comply with disclosure and compliance requirements of Central Bank of Jordan and it lays down the fundaments of an advanced risk management system serving the requirements of the top management of AJIB.

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