Loxon is a software company offering integrated lending and risk management software solutions for the financial services industry and is dedicated to serving banks and leasing companies with software solutions covering the entire lending and risk management lifecycle. Loxon has its head office in Budapest, Hungary, and has offices in Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Moscow) and in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

About Loxon

Loxon was founded in 2000 by young banking experts. The core value of the company is the strong capability of business and technology innovation keeping the company continuously a step ahead of competitors

Loxon has achieved considerable growth in client base and has become the leading provider of the risk management and lending software market in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) regions. Loxon is actively building its customer base in the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region since 2007.

Loxon products and services are applied in 25+ countries, its customer base in these countries (60+ tier 1 and tier 2 financial institutions) includes the member entities of large international banking groups such as Erste, GE Money, Home Credit International (HCI), Intesa Sanpaolo, KBC, OTP, Raiffeisen and UniCredit groups as well as regional and local banks.

Loxon projects and activities are covering several CEE, CIS and MEA countries. Loxon offices are located in Hungary, Romania, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to give value to banks and financial institutions, enabling them to assess risks, to build efficient, risk aware lending processes and to decrease credit losses.

The understanding of your business and risks is the core value of our team and makes us differ from competition. Being prime in business is our driver, being leader in technology helps to achieve this goal.

This business oriented philosophy made Loxon a key player on lending and risk management software market, helped us to build a track record and made our solutions the choice of major prestigious banking groups and financial institutions in several countries of CEE, CIS and MEA regions. Our vision is to produce market leading lending and risk management suite.


Tamás Erni

managing partner

Tamas Erni is partner in Loxon Solutions.

Biography: He has graduated from finance on the Budapest University of Economic Sciences. He started his career by Raiffeisen Bank Hungary in 1999. Later he worked for Ecostat Institut at the Hungarian Statistical Office in developing macroeconomic forecasting models.
He has moved to Loxon in 2001 and became responsible to build up the business consulting team of Loxon and manage several projects in transforming bank’s lending operations and risk management procedures (collateral management, rating/scoring, lending systems and Basel II preparation projects throughout the EMEA region), contributing to Loxon becoming the market leader in the CEE region’s risk management and lending software market. Tamas has collected a wide range of experience in several markets in a number of countries working as principal consultant on several occasions.
Based on this experience he was nominated to the position of partner in 2005 and is responsible for product development strategy and leading the sales and business development team of Loxon.


Kristóf Farkas

partner, hr manager

Kristof Farkas is partner and HR manager in Loxon Solutions.

Biography: Bcs in computer programming (1993-1995), Msc in Business Administration and Finance (2000).

As founder, he started Loxon in 2000 and has been working as managing director till 2012. He has launched the company on the expansion path, mostly focusing on talent recruitment and organisation development.

As hr manager, his mission is to form a world class team. He is managing the companies recruitment, employer branding, compensation, team building and other hr related activities.


Ádám Kocsis

partner, collection pool

Adam Kocsis is Director for Business consulting and system design in Loxon Solutions.

Biography: He has graduated in Finance at the Budapest University of Economics. He did his MBA at Eastern Illinois University in 2001 and became a CFA charter holder in 2004. He started as a credit analyst at Cole Taylor Bank in Chicago in 2002. Between 2003 and 2005 he worked as a senior risk management analyst at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Adam has joined Loxon in 2005 and since that time he has participated in a wide range of project implementations in Hungary, Europe and the Middle East. Since 2006 he is leading the Collection and Basel 2 pool.


Zoltán Nánai

partner, lending and collateral pool

Zoltán Nánai is Director for Business consulting and system design in Loxon Solutions.

Biography: He has graduated from finance on the University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics and he continued his studies and got a master degree of Science in Business Administration Specialization for business law at the University, Pécs. He started his career by Otto M. Schröder Bank AG in Hamburg. Later he worked for Loxon as a project manager than for CIB Bank as Head of Standalone Business Application Development Department.
He has moved back to Loxon in 2006 and became responsible to lead the KBR Pool with supervising of Collateral management projects. In 2010 he was appointed to be the Director of Loan and KBR Pool and his responsibilities expanded for the strategic supervision of the Loxon Collateral Management system, Loxon Lending System and other system developments. Zoltán has collected a wide range of experience in several markets being the leader different (Loxon Collateral Management, Loxon Early Warning System and Loxon DPD/Provisioning, etc.) projects.


Gábor Bicskei

director, technology

Gabor Bicskei is Development Director.

Biography: He has graduated on the Technical University of Budapest, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. He started his career at Emeritor Kft. and he joined Loxon in 2001. Since than he is the Chief architect and development leader and responsible for development of banking IT systems and related consulting.


Gabriel Serbanescu

managing director, romania

Gabriel Serbanescu – Managing Director of Loxon Romania – is responsible for sales and project activities in Romania and Bulgaria. He is responsible for implementation projects of Oracle OFSAA (Financial Services Analytical Applications) and Management Reporting with OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence). Team coordinated by Gabriel has successfully implemented different OFSAA modules: Funds Transfer Pricing, Profitability Management, Assets and Liabilities Management in different Banks, including Isbank (Turkey), OTP (Hungary), HBTF (Jordan), IBAR (Azerbaijan) and many others.

Biography: Before joining Loxon, Gabriel has held several positions in Oracle Corporation, in Consulting department. Gabriel was the Practice Manager of the Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing practice of Consulting department and coordinated several Oracle projects, like: OFSA implementation in Raiffeisen International, OFSA implementation in Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR), Datawarehouse solution for Banca Comerciala Romana. During the career at Oracle Corporation, Gabriel has gained considerable experience in Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing solutions for Banking industry. Before Oracle, Gabriel has worked for Romanian Savings Bank, acting as Team Leader responsible with specific analysis, design and development activities in the internal project of development of a new Core Banking System for the Bank. Gabriel holds a Master’s in IT systems for Business Management and a License Degree in Economic Informatics from Academy of Economic Studies, Romania.

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The dedication to provide outstanding value made Loxon the choice of many prestigious banking groups and financial institutions like Raiffeisen, Erste, KBC, Intesa Sanpaolo, UniCredit, GE Money, Societe Generale, OTP and others.

Loxon was founded in 2000 by young banking experts and has been on the expansion path in the last decade. The founders of Loxon had the clear vision of building up one of the market leading companies in the field of risk management and lending. To achieve the goal the product portfolio of the company was built up a way to cover each aspect of lending and risk management, thus enabling the company to offer the most integrated but still modular solution available. Based on this strategy Loxon has established a supreme position as the preferred supplier of lending and risk management solutions. This leading status was achieved and maintained by permanent value orientation and commitment to our customers success.

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