Loxon supporting BankTech Java Challenge again

Oct 15, 2016

As in previous years, this year Loxon is supporting BankTech Java Challenge again.
The registration is open until 18th October for those teams who would like to put their programming skills to the test. The competition with its valuable prizes to win will be organised by EcoSim and presentations have already been put on as part of the promotion of the grand challenge. The first such event – called the Programmers’ Night – was held by Budapest University of Technology and Economics on Tuesday 11th October.
We’re still looking for registrations of teams of 3, both student and non-student, on the official webpage of the competition!



Loxon colleagues at SPAR Budapest Maraton Festival

Oct 10, 2016

Loxon employees represented the company in the SPAR Budapest Maraton® Festival that has been put on for the 31st time this year. Our colleagues were running both relay and 30k individual races. The historical 42 195 metres were run by Barbara Bunsits, József Gál, Zoltán Balázs Kiss and Balázs Havas in relay in 3 hours 37 minutes 26 seconds, which gave them the 149th place in their category. András Tóth, competing individually, finished elegantly in 19th place with his time being 2:08:15. Congratulations for their excellent achievement!


Case Solvers Cup

Aug 16, 2016

Last weekend Loxon has housed the first international case solving competition held in Hungary, the Solvers’ Cup organised by Case Solvers.

Solvers’ Cup is a unique competition in the field of case solving and the compeeting teams were invited to participate from the best European universities. During the three-day event the participants are challenged to solve a complex business case, then present it in front a panel of judges.

Besides the invitation based competition, all case solvers around the world can try themselves on the online platform of Solvers’s Cup. The two inlets of the challenge are not entirely separate; in Hungary’s case, the team recieved an invitation to the finals starting the challenge online. Therefore on 14th August the Hungarian team also had the opportunity to create and present their solutions with the other teams proceeding from the initial ’invite only’ round.

Congratulations to the winners!
1. Cornmarket Consulting, Oxford
2. Bow Tie Consultants, Belgrade
3. Swiss Consulting Group, St.Gallen


Loxon at 48th Erste World Blue Ribbon

Jul 19, 2016

The sailing boat Nemere II. with the Loxon logo on its side was one of the boats to participate in the 48th Erste World Blue Ribbon. At 21:54:31 she had reached the finish line and got the 23rd place in the field.

The team members were: Róbert Láng, Sebestyén Erdélyi, Péter Szamosi, László Bencző, Gábor Mezei, Kristóf Keszthelyi, Rita Tóth, Zoltán Morvai, Anna Morvai.

Captain: Miklós Ujhelyi-Gáspár

Congratulations to all of them!




Loxon at DebTech Meetup

Jul 5, 2016

The designers of corporate software applications must produce likeable, engaging, functional and easy to take on products. The UX is becoming progressively more essential in software development. This was emphasised by Tamás Pifkó,  the product development manager of Loxon, in his presentation that he gave at DebTech. DebTech is the meetup of the developer community in the city of Debrecen, this time User Experience was put in its focus. Loxon has recently opened its office in Debrecen to put together an innovation team. With the support of DebTech Loxon is to promote and contribute to the progress of the local IT community of Debrecen.


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