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Why choose Loxon?

Major goal of Loxon management and team to keep the focus on today’s best practices and future trends of risk management. We believe that a software without deep business content is nothing but a set of zeros and ones.


What do we offer?

The core competence of the company is the implementation of software solutions covering the entire lending lifecycle and risk management activities of the financial services institutions (banks and leasing companies).


Who are our customers?


What is happening?

Business as unusual hackathon

Jun 2, 2020


Why to join us?

Feel like to work for an expanding company reaching global markets with its products and services? Join Loxon team and take an active role in the international spread of Loxon lending and risk management software solutions.


Where to find us?

Contact us and global offices

Loxon main offices are located in Hungary, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.


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