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Loxon Solutions Zrt
Company Registry No.: 01-10-047809
Registration authority: Company Court of Budapest Municipal Court
Tax No.: 14356933-2-41
Seat: 1134 Budapest, Lőportár utca 20/b.
Mail address (place of data management): 1134 Budapest, Lőportár utca 20/b.
Phone: (+36)-1-789-0626

The data management registration numbers issued by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information: NAIH-107805/2016 and NAIH-108914/2016

Data protection information

Before submitting any personal data or documents containing such data, kindly read carefully the following data management information, which is in line with the prevailing legislation on data protection and especially with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and the Freedom of Information.

The provisions included herein are obligatory for the employees of Loxon Solution Zrt. as well as for persons working for the company on another legal basis, and for the company’s principals

  • in the management of any personal data acquired via or related to the employment relationship or any other legal relationship related to work performance.
  • in the use of IT devices (computers, electronic mail system and other software tools, Internet-connection) provided by Loxon Solution Zrt. to these persons for the performance of the employment relationship or other legal relationship related to work performance.

The Rules shall be applicable to all personal – i.e. related to the data of private persons – data management performed by Loxon Solution Zrt.
This Information is constantly accessible on the website

By submitting any personal data or documents containing such data (e.g. CV) to Loxon Solutions Zrt. you consent to the Company’s data protection information, declare that you understand and acknowledge the information contained therein, state that your data provision is voluntary, and you explicitly consent to the data management included in this Information. You can send to us your personal data, job applications and curriculum vitae via the following channels:

  • via the page Karrier,
  • via the addresses or,
  • personally at our own and at external events, conferences, job fairs, university lectures, competitions and other events where Loxon appears as an exhibitor, sponsor or participant,
  • by post or personally to the site and offices of Loxon Solutions Zrt.,
  • in electronic or paper-based communication sent to the staff of Loxon Solutions Zrt.

In case you send us a CV and/or related documents via any channel we consider that you have consented to our Company’s data protection information, that you declare to have understood and appreciated the information contained therein and state that your data provision is voluntary and explicitly consent to the data management included in this Information.

Where this Information mentions a Curriculum Vitae, this is to include your CV and letter of motivation as well as attached and uploaded reference and other documents, with the full contents thereof.

General information

In the data management inevitably performed during our activity we devote increased attention to the protection of the personal and special data you send to us.

Data management shall comprise any operation or set of operations performed upon data such as data collection, recording, organisation, storage, use, forwarding to the employer, harmonisation or connection, blocking, deletion or annihilation as well as the prevention of the further use of the data.

Personal data shall mean data related to any specific (identified or identifiable) natural person, or conclusions to be made from the data with reference to this person. In the course of the data management, personal data retain their such qualification as long as their connection to the person concerned can be restored. A person can be considered as identifiable especially if this person can be identified, directly or indirectly, by name, by an identification mark or on the basis of one or several factors characterising their physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

Special data shall mean data revealing racial origin, national or ethnic origin, political opinion and any affiliation to parties, religious or other philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, health status, and data related to pathological addictions, sex life or criminal record.

We wish to inform you that the range of personal data managed by our Company comprises the following:

  • surname
  • given name
  • birth name
  • birth place and date
  • nationality
  • registered residence
  • temporary residence (mail address)
  • family status
  • number of dependent children
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number (mobile or home)
  • data with reference to education
  • data with reference to workplaces
  • data with reference to foreign language proficiency
  • information related to reduced working capacity
  • data with reference to tests filled in online or in person by candidates,
  • other information characteristically included in a CV such as references /opinions by third persons, free time activities, certificates, diplomas, awards and other documents and the information and photographs included in these,
  • photographic images and video recordings made at any company or other events organised at the seat, sites or branches of Loxon Zrt. or organized by Loxon Zrt. irrespective of the venue, by Loxon Zrt. or by you or other third parties exclusively for marketing and advertising purposes or for the purpose of promoting employment with Loxon Zrt.

Of the data listed above we do not necessarily manage all but there are some that you have to enter in order to use the service.
Our Company shall not be liable for any special data disclosed to it without the Company’s explicit request (e.g. data in a CV); we kindly request you not to disclose any such data without an explicit request. We wish to inform you that the Company asks for a Certificate of Good Conduct only for establishing an employment relationship or any other legal relationship related to work performance, but we do not ask for or manage any other special data.

You have the opportunity to provide recommendations or references about you that were issued by somebody else (e.g. your previous employer). In this case, however, it is your task and responsibility to collect an approval from the issuing person authorising you to share this recommendation or reference with other persons.

Consent to data processing

By applying you expressly give your consent to data processing and data transmission to third persons within and beyond national boundaries.

In case of data transmission abroad it may be the case that the data protection regulations in the third country to the territory of which we transmit the personal data are of a lower level than those in the EU. You shall acknowledge this and in the course of your registration you expressly consent that employers in such third countries may also have access to your personal data or that these be transmitted to them. In order to prohibit the processing of your personal data by such persons, kindly contact the employer or principal concerned, or in certain cases a third person.

We shall not transmit any special data to third persons either orally or in writing, and neither shall we provide opportunity for third persons to access these special data.

Purpose of data management

The purpose of data management is to contact potential employees of Loxon Solutions Zrt. with the aim of recruitment. Your personal data may get under the management of Loxon Solutions Zrt. via the following channels: a) application for a job or into the database; b) registration at career events; c) registration for events organised or sponsored by our Company or visited by our Company as an exhibitor, presenter or participant; d) oral or written inquiry about the products and services of Loxon.

In the case of an unsuccessful admission procedure or the lack of a position matching the applicant’s experience or qualifications we reserve the right to contact the same applicant if a relevant position is advertised later on.
In relation to the above we also engage in database management, and the management of your data takes place within the framework of these activities, in order to facilitate the above activities, including the necessary selection procedures, tests and data management related to job offers in the case of career data.

Data management is performed with the aim to maintain business contact with you, invite you to our events as well as provide support and consultancy to you in connection with your future placement and employment, on the basis of your voluntary data disclosure during your application or any other communication with us, and to process your data in our database in relation to your future employment or in order to contact you with new job offers.

Data management is furthermore performed with the aims to promote Loxon Zrt.’s own marketing and advertising activities, to promote employment with Loxon Zrt. and thus to publish and communicate towards the public photographic images and video recordings explicitly made for these purposes, as well as personal data, specifically on Loxon Zrt.’s own websites, other web surfaces, the online press and at community portals (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), as well as in the printed press and any advertising materials or leaflets. 

Another purpose of data management is to send you electronic newsletters, while we wish to note that you can register to our website without giving consent to receiving electronic newsletters. 

In case you do not wish to receive any more newsletters, you can unsubscribe from it on our website any time. You can unsubscribe by sending a message to either of the addresses or by entering the email address to be unsubscribed.

Your data shall not be used for any purposes other than those specified above.

The collection, storage and transmission of personal and special data to third parties and any other data processing activity adjusted to the purpose of data processing shall be carried out in a way preventing the access of unauthorized persons to these data.

Personal data may be managed

  • with the client’s consent, or
  • if ordered by virtue of an act or a local authority decree based on legal authorisation, within a scope specified therein.

In the case of data management based on your authorisation we give you the right every time to withdraw your consent and ask for the deletion of your data managed. You can ask for the deletion of your data via any channel, from any employee of our Company, on the phone or in paper-based or electronic communication.

The management of personal data may only be performed for specific purposes, for exercising certain rights or performing obligations. At every stage of the data management the former purpose must be met. Only personal data indispensable for meeting the purpose of data management and suitable for reaching this purpose may be managed and only up to the extent and time required for the realisation of the purpose.

Loxon Zrt. shall use the data managed on the basis of your consent to data management as well as the photographic images and video recordings made by Loxon Zrt. or by you or other third parties and transferred to Loxon Zrt. exclusively for Loxon Zrt.’s own marketing or advertisement purposes and for promoting employment with Loxon Zrt., and shall thus publish these or communicate these to the public specifically on Loxon Zrt.’s own websites, other web surfaces, the online press and at community portals (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), as well as in the printed press and any advertising materials or leaflets. 

Data provision is voluntary, on the legal basis of Section 5 (1) (a) of Act CXII of 2011.
In certain cases personal data may be managed on other legal bases as well e.g. the legal obligation governing our Company (Section 6 (1) (a) of Act CXII of 2011 /Section 7 (c) of the Data Protection Directive), the legitimate interest of our Company or a third party (Section 6 (1) (b) of Act CXII of 2011 /Section 7 (f) of the Data Protection Directive), the enforcement of a contract signed with our Company (Section 6 (4) of Act CXII of 2011 /Section 7 (b). The management of personal data may also take place for the performance of criminal investigation, national security or defence purposes where provided by the governing legislation. Personal data may be transmitted to organisations performing such duties where provided by the governing legislation.

Safety of your data

In order to protect the safety of your personal and special data our Company applies technical and procedural rules that prevent unauthorised access to such data, or any changes in or the transmission, intentional or accidental deletion or annihilation of these data.

Incoming CV’s are stored in a confidential file by our Company on the Company’s own network drive to which only the Company’s HR staff have access. In addition, applications are recorded in a data summary file similarly stored on the former drive.

The data of our Partners, Clients and interested persons are stored and managed in the Sales force system. For further information on the data management principles of visit:

Scope of persons entitled to perform data management

Employees of our Company entitled to perform data processing; persons working for us based on another legal relationship; contractual partners.

If you wish to be informed to which persons working for our Company on the basis of another legal relationship or which contractual partners our Company forwarded your data managed by our Company, or who have had access to these data, please kindly consult us about this.  

For the protection of your data, our Company obliges all persons entitled to data processing to comply with the provisions of this Information as well as with legal provisions, and to keep the data confidential. In the course of the management of personal data by persons working for our Company on the basis of another legal relationship or our contractual partners, compliance with the legal provisions for the protection of personal data shall be the responsibility of our contractual partners and persons cooperating in other ways, for which our Company shall undertake no responsibility.

We explicitly point out that you should only use our Company’s services if you are aware of this risk, and refrain from disclosing any personal data or information that you do not wish to share with anybody else.

Term of data management 

The data shall be stored and managed in our data base for 5 years after recording them or until you request their deletion. This term is justified by the fact that there is a realistic chance that we will be able to offer you a suitable position within 5 years and thus it is ensured that we will be able to inform you in future of a position matching your experience and qualifications.

In the case of obligatory data management our Company shall manage the data for the period laid down in the relevant legislation.

You may initiate the deletion of your data managed by us any time. Your request shall be met at any time without delay during office hours, within 3 (three) days after receiving your relevant request at the latest.

Any time you may request information on the management of your personal data. At your request we shall inform you on your data managed and on who have had access to your data and for what purpose. You can request the information via the email addresses or (email).

You shall be liable for the correctness of the data disclosed. In case of any changes therein, you can ask for amendments to be made in your personal data any time. At your request we shall at any time correct inappropriate data or delete deficient or erroneous data. We shall notify you of such correction or deletion at your specific request in e-mail, to an email address communicated to us precisely, specifically for this purpose.

  • Personal data shall be deleted if
  • data management is unlawful;
  • requested by the person concerned;
  • the data are deficient or wrong and cannot be lawfully corrected, unless the deletion is
  • excluded by the law;
  • the purpose of the data management no longer exists or the term of data storage as
  • specified under the law has expired;
  • it was thus ordered by the court or the data protection commissioner.


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Cookies are data temporarily stored by your browser on your device used for browsing that may get onto your device while using the website They contain your IP address, the type of browser you use, the characteristics of the operational system of your device, the length of your visit, the pages and subpages visited, the functions used and the time spent on the website. Cookies may not contain personal data and are not suitable for identifying you, i.e. individual users, and are not connected to personal data. Cookies are small size files, do not damage your device and do not contain viruses or other malware. Some of the cookies are automatically deleted after closing the website, while some others are stored on your computer for a longer time depending on the settings in your browser.

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Legal remedy

You can enforce your right to the protection of your personal data in court or contact the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.

Please note that anyone may initiate an investigation with reference to the infringement of rights or an immediate danger of this in connection with personal data management or the exercising of the rights related to the access to public information or information of public interest, before the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C; mail address: 1530 Budapest, POB 5).
The person concerned may go to court for:

  • the denial of information,
  • rejecting their request for the correction, deletion or blocking of data,
  • the infringement of their right or
  • if they disagree with the decision on their objection request, or if our Company fails to keep the deadline for judging the objection request, within 30 days from the communication of the decision or the last day of the deadline.

Jurisdiction in the case rests with the court (Municipal Court) according to the seat of Company as defendant. Depending on your choice, trial may also be initiated before the court according to your permanent or temporary address.

We kindly ask you to contact our Company for prior consultation with any complaints related to data management by our Company before initiating any of the above procedures.

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