35th BACEE Regional Banking Conference

Nov 6, 2017

This year Loxon has attended the BACEE Regional Banking Conference for the second time as a sponsor of the event. The conference was organised for the 35th time. The two-day event provided its visitors with many intriguing topics like the regional and country-specific characteristics of the banking sector, the predictable changes in regulations for the near future and the transitions of the banking system - the future of the banks. 2017 is a good year for the financial institutions poperating in the region, bringing increase in development and positive outlooks, thus making many experts believe in the future development perspectives projected by Fintech companies.

In the presentations we heard about many mutually beneficial solutions that provide opportunities for faster, lower cost and lower risk lending through faster and more efficient running of processes and the reduction of liabilities. In Loxon's spot Tamás Erni, Chairman of the company, talked about the possibilities of credit risk management in the 21st century.


ChaosStack competiton at Loxon

Oct 20, 2017

At ChaosStack competition the participating teams had a chance to solve various problems using any chosen coding language. After the whole day of programming, they needed to integrate the unique solutions of the various platforms into one unified product and they had to present it in front of a panel of judges. Congratulations to all the competing participants for their persistent work!
For the photos, a big thank you to Barnabas Gena and Laszlo Zolnai from Schönherz SPOT.



Annual Team Building near the Danube

Oct 19, 2017

Dragon boat down the Danube, whisky tasting and great party...sounds good, doesn't it? This year too we had plenty of laughter and fun during our team building events. After the dullness in the morning, even the sun came out as an extra, so no one was harmed by getting a tiny bit wet during rowing. And later on the side of the finest whiskys Loxon beer was also popular. Have a look at the photos from this great day.



Loxon at NXT Banking Summit Dubai

Oct 12, 2017

This year, for the first time we have attended as a golden sponsor the Middle East NXT Banking Summit that was put on between 26-27th September in Dubai. On the first day of the conference, Gábor Győrfi, the regional sales manager of Loxon held a 20-minute long talk about how artificial intelligence finds its path into the world of banking and financial institutions. Supporting the already existing business solutions with the most advanced data analyzing tools can bring better results even if the old systems remain in place.


Voluntary cooking is fun!

Oct 10, 2017

Cooking is not the favourite weekend activity for everyone - and this is exactly how our colleagues from Bucharest feel. However, for a noble cause many of them grabbed the saucepan and the wooden spoon to help out those in need with something warm in the belly. The secret to the delicious and filling nourishment was: great atmosphere, the tireless efforts of the team and the invaluable help of

Our colleague, Daniel has put the experience like this: "I think, in life people need stability. They need work, family, friends and something else too... Something that is not only about you. Something selfless. If you can do this in good company then it multiplies into a pleasurable and fun experience."

Beside expanding our cooking repertoire and being altruistic, we have learnt something else too: if it's the Loxon team's time to cook...the vibe is always going to be fabulous! Thanks for the experience, we will be happy to return!


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