Loxon Java Challenge 2017.

Dec 19, 2017

This year we also held our Java competition where young developers could test their Java skills in teams. Java Challenge had its finals put on the first weekend of December with the participation of the 20 best-performing teams. They were the winners of previous rounds, where the teams competed by trying to conquer the most planets of the universe.

Thanks to the clever strategies and well-written code the best teams in the universe are:

1. place: ANIP (Andrej Tokarjev, Zoltán Kovács, Márton Furmann - their prize is one Galaxy S8+ smart phone each)
2. place: javascript expert team (Barnabás Horváth, Martin Molnár, Mónika Kovács - their prize is one Xbox One 1 TB consol each)
3. place: JWFH (Erik Bohony, Zoltán Nagy, Tibor Gortva – their prize is 1 drone each)

Congratulation to all the participants! We hope to see you all next year.



Loxon at Banking Technology 2017

Nov 30, 2017

On 16th November more than 300 invited guests were at Banking Technology 2017, organised by Portfolio in Budapest. Naturally, Loxon represented itself too.
The talks among many topics covered the challenges tackled by Fintech companies and their role in renewing banking processes, immidiate transfers and current regulations as well. Tamas Erni, the Chairman of Loxon stated that big data is not a future innovation anymore, but an already existing and applicable element of infrastructure.
To use that resource well, efficient big data solutions applied in banking processes necessitate the prompt identification of business objectives and finding the circle of data compatible with these aims.


Loxon at Romanian Banking Forum

Nov 27, 2017

Loxon is a returning partner at Finmedia conferences - this time on 14th November we attended the Romanian Banking Forum in Bucharest. During the whole-day event there were some intriguing talks running in multiple panel discussions about - to name a few - the future of the Romanian banking sector and technological innovations and regulations applied in lending. Gabor Gyorfi regional sales director represented Loxon and held an exciting demonstration about the company's lending and risk management solutions based on data science.



Loxon wins Customer Satisfaction category in Chartis Research’s RiskTech100® ranking

Nov 22, 2017

We are proud to annnounce that Loxon, the only ranked provider from Central and Eastern Europe, finished 61st overall in Chartis’ RiskTech 100® 2018, and won the 'Customer Satisfaction' category.




Chartis Research is the market leader in risk technology research and analysis. Its flagship publication RiskTech100®, now in its twelfth year, ranks the 100 top risk management and compliance companies based on a number of criteria. Vendors’ overall score is derived from the scores in six different categories: Functionality, Core Technology, Strategy, Customer Satisfaction, Market Presence and Innovation. For the third consecutive year, Loxon is the only Central and Eastern European company in RiskTech100®. It rose 27 places since last year, the largest increase of any provider in the 2018 rankings.

RiskTech 100 - Customer Satisfaction Award

According to Tamas Erni, Chairman of Loxon, there are several key factors behind Loxon’s success in the RiskTech100® rankings:

„We are a niche vendor – we only do lending and risk management. This is our core competence. We focus each and every of our resources to become year by year better and better in these. The other key advantage is customer-centricity. We put always very high emphasis on being close to our customers, understanding their needs, and we do our best to serve our customers. That’s why we built up all of our systems and strategies based on customer-centricity and flexibility. We don’t believe in black boxes, but we believe in understanding what our customers require and provide them with best-of-breed solutions to what they require today and what they have to fulfil tomorrow. That’s why we try to be always one step ahead of the market as a niche vendor; because of this we can be more flexible than most of our competitors and we can react faster to the major technology changes and the major risk management changes.”


OFSAA for Beginners

Nov 7, 2017

Loxon Solutions, in partnership with the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies - ASE, launches the first edition of the simulation competition for a virtual bank business. The competition shall take place in November and December 2017.

The "OFSAA for Beginners" competition aims to develop the capacity of eight (8) FABBV students in 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate or faculty master programs to develop a solution for a virtual bank in the Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) program, by applying the theoretical knowledge and implementing the scenarios offered. The project addresses issues related to the bank's profitability and the determination of the financing cost for all the financial instruments in the bank's portfolio.

What are the details of the competition and in what type of activities will the students be involved?

  • A team will consist of two (2) students, applying together as a team;
  • The registration is based on the submission of the resumes of both team members to Andreea Horhogea ( and Ionut Pop (;
  • Four (4) teams will be selected to participate in the competition;
  • The activity will take place at Loxon Solutions headquarters, located at 6-6A Vitan Avenue, Phoenix Tower, 3rd floor;
  • Participants will go through a training session provided by Loxon Solutions specialists in which they will discover two main modules they will use (profitability and funds transfer pricing) and other OFSAA functionalities, the management product offered by Loxon Solutions to banks;
  • Subsequently, they will receive virtual bank’s scenarios and they need to develop a project to use the application mentioned before;
  • SQL knowledge will be an advantage for the participants;
  • Project activities will take place for 3 weeks in a row, with a participation of 4 to 10 working hours per week, between 9:00 and 18:00;
  • Each team will have the support of a Loxon Solutions employee to carry out the project activities;
  • In the end, the best two (2) teams will receive the scholarships as follows:
Scholarship for the first place: 1000 LEI per student, amount paid in one installment based on a contract concluded between Loxon Solutions and the Student;
Second place scholarship: 500 LEI per student, amount paid in one installment based on a contract between Loxon Solutions and the Student;
  • In addition, this competition may be a milestone in the process of selecting business analysts for Loxon Solutions.


The calendar of "OFSAA for Beginners" competition is the following:

  • November 7, 2017 - Launch of the competition through the site and platforms managed by FABBV;
  • November 7 - 14, 2017 - Submission of team applications by sending the resumes to the above-mentioned email addresses;
  • November 15, 2017 - Selection of participating teams;
  • 16/17 November 2017 - Preparing the participating teams;
  • November 20 - December 13, 2017 - Implementation of the activities and generation of results for the scenarios provided;
  • 14/15 December 2017 - Award ceremony.


The evaluation grid can be found here.
For more details related to this announcement, please contact Ionut Pop at


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